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The Podcasting Editor

Pain-free Podcast Editing

You know your subject well and you know you can deliver the content.

But the technical side? Um, what?

How do you level out the sound? How do you get rid of all of those “ums” you never realized you say? How do you add music? And where are you going to find the right soundtrack for your podcast?

Zero worries

You produce the content, send me the files – in any format – and I’ll take care of the rest. All of it.

I will edit your podcast episodes and write show notes, freeing you up to do what you do best – producing more content. The key to growth in podcasting is producing content consistently. Don’t let the editing, show notes and uploading slow you down. Let me take care of that.

Available Services

New Podcast Set Up

$500 (US) / £400

If you’re looking to start a new podcast, I can help you get set up.

Let me know your plans and I’ll recommend some options and get you on your way.

I’ll also take care of setting up all the other places your podcast will appear (including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, etc.).

 Podcast Editing packages

* Prices apply for raw audio files under 1 hour in length. If you’re a talker, get in touch for prices!

Individual episodes

from $100 (US)

/ £80

One episode every two weeks

from $175 (US)

/ £140

for two episodes

Weekly episodes

from $300 (US)

/ £240

per group of four episodes

Podcast Editing Packages include:


– Audio editing and clean up –

– Ordering and sequencing –

– Balancing levels and mastering –

– Writing show notes –

– Publishing to your host on your schedule after sign-off –

Additional Services

As a musician, I can also write and record theme tunes, incidental music and sound beds for your podcast. Get in touch for details!

And if none of the above matches what you have in mind, send me an email.

I’d love to help you get your podcast out there.

Listen to what some of my happy clients have to say about my work:

“Steve was so helpful when launching my show and I can’t wait to continue our work together! I came to him knowing the business and marketing piece of what I wanted to create and share, but with little idea of how all the editing, hosting, etc worked. He was so patient with me and really took the audio I gave him and ‘created’ something out of it. I felt like I had someone in my corner who could not only help create an incredible sounding podcast but who could also guide me through the entire process!”

Angie Trueblood

Go Pitch Yourself podcast

“Steve is amazing. I’ve given him some pretty rough episodes where he’s had to cut out sections and sew them back together again – and he’s done it seamlessly. I know once I’m done with my part, actually recording the episode, I just send it to him and I don’t have to worry about it, I’m on to the next episode. It’s a great flow. And he’s got a great sense of marketing verbiage for my show notes and makes some fantastic suggestions on how to improve my show. He is an irreplaceable part of my podcast and I feel like I have a true partner. He’s allowed me to be so much more productive and prolific with my podcasting. And because of that, my podcast has grown and sponsors came knocking!”

Kathy Reagan Young

The FUMS Podcast Show

Steve Woodward

The Podcasting Editor

About The Podcasting Editor

Steve is an audio and music geek. As a musician and engineer he has taken part in numerous home and studio recording projects since his school days. He is also a marketing professional with over twenty years’ experience.

Key skills

Audio editing | Copywriting | Proofreading | Music creation and recording | SEO | Online content publishing and distribution | Brand development | Video editing 

Get In Touch

I’d love to work with you on your podcast. Talk to me on Facebook, by email or by using the contact form.